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Add Vacations to Your New Year's Resolutions

New Year, New Me…..those vows we do every single year. We drum up all those resolutions, vision boards, goals, dreams, etc. We feel on top of the world with a new slate due to receiving some new numbers. A new chance. A new beginning. A new year!

We vow to eat clean, lose weight, quit this or that, save more, be a better friend, parent, employee, and this list grows……

……with all that jazz, why not add vacations to that New Years list?

While you envision where you would love to go, really hone in on WHY. Developing your why in any circumstance will set the playing field for you to really achieve that list.

Do you feel like you need a vacation due to your health? Do you feel like you want to be more culturally subjective and learn something new? Do you feel like you need to take off and spend quality time with loved ones? Do you just want to go somewhere and let loose, do something that you never thought you would do?

Whatever the reasoning, write it down. Look at that reasoning every single day till the day you board that train, plane, bus, boat, or automobile.

Imagine what that vacation looks like and envision it every morning. Do you see dolphins swimming at a remarkable sunset? Do you feel the mountain breeze from a top of a massive plateau? Do you feel the spray from a humpback whale coming to close to your kayak? Do you hear laughing and see the smiles from total strangers?

Whichever vision you may conjure up, feel it in your soul each and every day.

.Now that you have developed that why, do you need some help with where to go, what to see, what to do? Message me when you are ready to start designing or planning the perfect getaway that coincides with your why!

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