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What is your Vacationing Personality Style when it comes to needing a Recharge?

I am continually seeing a trend when most people need a vacation and notice two dominant personality types. Each person paints a picture of what they are looking for when they are vacationing. They paint what a perfect day for them would be, what they ultimately want to experience, and what they would like to happen when they vacation.

Did one word and painted picture resonate more with you than the other? Do you find your technique of recharging favoring one side over the other.

Are you dominant in one or did you find yourself blended between the two?

When designing vacations, we look for your personality style to help you create the perfect day. Each person is so unique in what they are looking for that we help pair them with the destination, activities, lodging, etc that best suits them.

We will be featuring destinations with both personality types and creating group trips that cater to all types of personalities. Keep reading and following our social media pages to keep up to date!

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